Monday, December 29, 2008

Choosing the Best Cage for Your Exotic Pet

When owning an exotic pet, the first thing you should consider is the cage. You should find the right materials when making a cage for your exotic pet. You may also find ready-made cages that have installed housing systems. 

If you prefer buying a snake as your pet, you should prepare a cage that can suit the size and shape of your snake. The size of the cage may depend on the age of the snake. You should also consider the environmental living conditions of the snake.

You may also consider using aquarium tanks as your extra cage for snakes that are less than six to seven feet in length and are required to have swim breaks. For desert snakes, you may prepare a screen top cage to provide ventilation. Tropical snakes may need a cage that has a top raise cover screen to sustain average temperature. 

Make sure that your cage has glass-based screens so that you can view your pet clearly. You won't have a hard time in cleaning glass aquariums. However, they are heavy since they are solid and should be placed on a steel stand. You may put solid round castors so that you can move it easily. 

You may also find melamine cages that are easier to clean. They are perfect for bigger snakes since they are usually made with large space. It is designed to resist moisture. You can also find plastic-made rubber tubs that are used as breeding cages. This will also serve as your secondary cage in case you need to clean or repair your primary cage.

If you can't afford these kinds of cages, you may have the option of using plywood made cages that are cheaper and easier to find. You can create your own design using good grades of plywood, which can give you a nice finish to your snake cage. 

For those snake owners who make their own cages, they always prefer using plywood and melamine crafts since they provide the cage with good insulating properties. 

Cages made from glass may have the tendency to lose heat fast especially on its front portion. You may also find a hard time working on glass cages since you will need special tools for cutting edges and portions of the glass. 

Always keep in mind that your cage should provide security for your snake as well as to smaller kids. Make sure that you find the right place in your house where you will place the cage. Your cage should provide the same environmental conditions that your exotic pet needs in order to survive.

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